Getting Started

The Gaiser Center - Getting Started

Inpatient Treatment Packing List

Patients may only bring one piece of carry-on sized luggage. Click here for a printable PDF of this list.

What You May Bring to Treatment:

Two forms of identification (one should be a photo ID with date of birth) All prescribed medications that can be taken in treatment, in the original bottle 10 days' worth of comfortable clothing (Washer & Dryer are available) Toiletries that do not contain alcohol Cash. Patients may carry on their person up to $25, but any additional cash must be kept with accounting. Tobacco is permitted in designated areas Tennis shoes/work out clothing (we have gym facilities on premises)

What NOT to Bring to Treatment:

Any substance that could cause an intoxicating effect Drug paraphernalia Weapons or items that could be considered a weapon Food/Drinks Outside bedding/pillows/stuffed animals Electronics - NO CELL PHONES Straight razors Exercise equipment Musical instruments Perfumes/aftershaves/cologne or products with alcohol in the first 4 ingredients Pornographic publications/materials, such as sex toys or devices Personal vehicle Clothing that promotes drugs and alcohol

Intake Safety Policy

Clients are to bring no more than 10 days of clothing with them to treatment. If additional clothing is needed due to change in weather, weight changes etc. clothing items will have to be sent home or placed in storage as new clothing items are brought in. Clients can have up to 5 pair of footwear while in treatment. All items will be heat treated before the client can bring them into the living area. If the client has items that they refuse to have heat treated those items will be sent home or placed in onsite storage until the client completes treatment. All suitcases and carry bags will be heat treated and kept in storage.


How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to schedule a drug and alcohol evaluation. During the evaluation you will meet with a professional counselor for approximately one hour to perform a full drug & alcohol assessment. The counselor will ask you what are you are willing to do and and will help you determine a plan of treatment for you if a problem exists.


Do people get well and recover?
Many agree that recovery is a continuous, lifelong process.* Epidemiologic studies show that, on average, 58 percent of individuals with chronic substance dependence will at some point achieve sustained recovery.

*Miller, W.R., & Rollnick, S. (2002).
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